Amazon keeps denying application for selling a brand's product

Hi all,
I’m new seller and I’m already approved by Amazon to sell for few brands. I’m trying to apply for approval for another brand and they keep rejecting my application without giving any specific reason. I just get auto replies from them when I appeal. I submitted invoice showing name address and 10 products purchase. This invoice is from the same distributor which I always purchase. For the approved brand I also submitted the invoice from the same distributor.

Does anyone know how to get approved or what other documents do I need to upload to get approved?

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The only way you can get any clarification is to contact them on chat. Any other attempt will be futile. Amazon sucks in everything. The only reason we still use Amazon for selling is because it still has has the most traffic and it is monopoly.

Thanks for the reply. I did try to chat, it was closed. I’ll try again tomorrow.

I managed to contact them on chat support but they said that they can’t help as it is beyond their capabilities.

Check your invoice again. Does it show the brand’s name, your name and address which matches with the one you have added on Amazon? Have you purchased more than 10 items from the same brand at same time in one go which is shown on the invoice?

If brand’s name is not showing then these idiots at Amazon will not be able to approve even though the product is from the same brand. I doubt they would be Googling for the product to see if it from the same brand. If this is the case, buy those products which shows brand name and only buy these products in one order. Reapply with this new invoice. Let us know what happens.