Blog post not showing up in the Google search result

Hello SEO experts, I’ve recently posted a long, detailed and unique blog post and I was hoping that it will quickly start appearing in Google search result but it is not. I did promote this blog post in social media. It is funny that searching for the title shows up my social media post but not the actual blog post. Why is that?


How long ago did you publish this post?

I published it 4 days ago.

Four days is too short time for Google to start showing in search result. Check it again in at least 2 weeks after published date.

The indexing of blog posts depends on how frequently you update your blog. If you are updating your blog on daily basis then your new posts would be indexed within few days. If you are updating it on weekly basis then new blog posts may take anywhere from 1 week to 3 weeks. It will get indexed eventually and will show up on the search result.