Cloud Server vs Dedicated Server, Which One Is Better

I’m in the process of setting up my own website which will be a portal. I’m doing research on which hosting to choose. I know shared hosting is not an option. I’ve narrowed down on dedicated hosting and cloud hosting. Can anyone tell me which one will be better and why?


Dedicated server beats everything else if you get it right and know how to manage it. I use both dedicated servers and cloud servers. Once I’ve set up my dedicated server it is blazing fast compared to similar priced cloud servers. With dedicated server you own everything except the hardware, if you manage it yourself then that’s the best option. Cloud servers gives you flexibility and a very quick setup in almost no time. I love Digital Ocean cloud hosting as it is very easy to setup and get started in no time. It’s also very affordable compared to other cloud hosting. In my two decade of career I’ve used all sort of web hosting servers and I’m not settled with dedicated servers and occasionally DO.

You should never touch AWS, Google Cloud and Azure as they are freaking too complex. AWS is the worst among this group when it comes to complexity.

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Cloud Hosting

  • You can scale on demand - this is the best benefit of a cloud hosting
  • All the infrastructure will be managed by the provider
  • Expertise to manage server is not mandatory
  • Can be slow specially if you are using lower end options

Dedicated Hosting

  • You are stuck with what you started with and will have very limited option to scale
  • In case of hardware failure you will have to chase the provider
  • Full control
  • Requires expertise in managing server
  • Since the server is dedicated to you, it’s basically as fast as hardware can allow

I agree. DO has very intuitive and clean interface. It becomes very easy once you get to use it.

My recommendation is to start with cloud hosting first and see how it goes. Once you get your website up and running then you can move to dedicated server. During this time you will also know your exact requirements. A basic and low cost cloud or dedicated server will be able to cope with medium size traffic easily. Both of these are great when they work well, once anything goes wrong it’s always nightmare to deal with either of them.

Thanks all for reply. I’ll do some more digging and will see what to use.