Discourse emails are not working

Hello All,
I’m using Discourse script on Psychics Forum. I’m using sendgrid smtp. I’m having issues with emails. Sign up activation emails are not being sent and I can’t see any such emails being reported on send grind’s activity page. Can anyone help me to debug and fix it?

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Discourse is pain in a$$ when it comes to fixing emails. Sendgrid isn’t an easy customer either. So Discourse and Sendgrid combination is a total chaos. Let’s debug it in steps.
First go to to Settings → Emails and send a test email to the recipient. Report back the outcome.

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Thanks for quick reply. I just sent a test email and it was delivered, it ended up in spam folder though. What’s next? Why are sign up activation emails are not being delivered?

Opps! I can see that email are delivered now. I reckon SendGrid is slow?

Oh yes! Sendgrid can be very slow from time to time. I was going to ask you to check sendgrid activity log next but it seems everything is working now. If you face any other issues then come back and we will help you. Cheers!