Etsy affiliate program rejection

Hi All, I applied for Etsy affiliate program on Awin and they have rejected my application. Copying Etsy affiliate rejection email below. Is there anything I can do to re-join?

Dear Renu,

Your application to join Etsy UK (aid: xxx) programme with xxx (pid: xxx) has been rejected.

The following reason has been provided:

Thank you for reaching out and thank you for your application! We found that the content of your site is significantly inspired by popular culture references or well known brands, and that’s unfortunately not the direction we’re taking the program at this time. We appreciate you taking the time to apply for Etsy’s Affiliates Program and wish you success with your growing business.


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No, just run away :wink:
Etsy is the worst eCommerce marketplace whether it is selling items there, using their ads, joining their affiliate program or simply contacting their customer support. No wonder their stock has tanked.


Don’t use Etsy for selling any product or services, don’t use their affiliate program. They can close your account anytime without giving any reason and all your hard work will be wasted. You can Google search to read the horror stories. check out forum discussion on Etsy account closure.

@technuisance their stock will bite the dust.

Etsy sucks big time. They think they own the world or something. I had horrible experience dealing with them. I don’t use Etsy to buy or sell anything. I would rather have my own online shop or use Ebay. For Affiliate marketing you should try Amazon as everyone is buying from them now a days. Ebay’s affiliate program is also good. There is a company which pays lifetime 5% revenue share commission from their program, it is one of the best affiliate in the world right now. Check it out - Psychic Affiliate Program

You should also avoid any affiliate platforms such as Tradedoubler, Awin etc. They all suck big time.