Free eCommerce script for a jewellery shop

Hello, I’m a jewellery designer and I want to set up my own eCommerce shop selling my jewellery. I’ve been selling on Etsy but I don’t like it. I want full control over my shop. I know I can use shopify but I don’t want to pay for just using them.

I’m looking for an eCommerce script which I can manage on my own and it’s not too difficult to manage. Can anyone suggest a good free script?


Around a decade ago the first ever eCommerce script I tried was osCommerce. It was one of the very few scripts available at that time and it worked. I had few eCommerce shops setup using osCommerce. I’m surprised to see that this script still exists and it is still free. The next best option was Magento but fucking Adobe bought it and turned into a paid (sic) solution. Start with osCommerce and see how it goes.

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Try PrestaShop, it is free too.

@Guru I didn’t know that Adobe bought Magento. It is sad. Magento was a nice eCommerce script.

There is another free eCommerce script - opencart. I’ve never used it though.

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@LordOfSEO opencart is Chinese, I will not trust such scripts.

@TheCoder PrestaShop is free but sooner or later when you need to add new features then you will end up pay a lot of money for addons. I needed a multi vendor solution and it costs around £35/year. You have to pay one off proce of £124.99 to buy this module There is no such thing as free lunch anymore. You have to pay for everything. It is funny how all these so called “Free” “Open Source” scripts are advertised as free. They are not free. You can’t go too far with the “free” version alone.

@LordOfSEO It is not Chinese, Its developers are from HongKong and the main guy, I think, is Brit. It is more popular in China than in western countries.

I’m surprise that no one has suggested WooCommerce. It is a free WordPress eCommerce plugin which can be used and almost for free to build a full scale online store. Checkout this shop Shop Moksha which was setup by my friend and it uses WooCommerce. He has used all the free plugins.

I did try to use OpenCart but it is a total mess. Gave up during setup itself. I’m trying to use WooCommerce now.