Google AdSense Account Banned, HELP!

Google banned my AdSense account for policy violation. I’m not sure what I did wrong. Can I request them to reinstate?

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Classic case. Newbie joins AdSense thinking he will become rich only to be fucked over by Google. You should have done some research before joining AdSense. It is a well known fact in our community that Google is a fraud company and it does everything in it’s power to not pay to others.

Google don’t need any reason to block your account and keep your hard earned money,

Learn the lesson and move on and never use AdSense again.

If you want to join any other affiliate program then read their terms and conditions thoroughly.

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I agree with @Guru, never use AdSense. Google is all fraud, AdSense, Search Ads and PPC all are fraud system. Their search is fucked up as they are biased towards big guys who pay them.

They banned mine too few months back. They are fucking dictators. I ditched AdSense all-together. I’m now doing affiliate marketing.