Has anyone tried Drupal 10?

I want to try Drupal CMS to build a website. I’ve been doing research on Drupal to use a CMS and so far I’ve been disappointed to find out that Drupal’s popularity has been on declined and that Drupal is a total mess to work with. Can anyone guide me some tips on why and why not use Drupal?

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Once I posted a topic on Drupal’s forum with title Is Drupal Dead? They were so pissed that they deleted my post :wink: lol! You can read about this on my blog - Drupal Deletes Forum Posts If You Criticise Them.

I used Drupal in 2008-10 and yes it was a big fucking mess. It is bloated and nothing worked. I gave up on it and have never used since then.

I was checking Drupal few days back and I’m tempted to use it again, specially the latest version 10. I’ll update on my experience after few days. Wish me good luck :slight_smile:

Coming back to your requirements, if you can do it with WordPress then do it. I give 100/100 to WordPress. It rocks!