Has anyone tried kinsta WordPress hosting? Is it worth it?

I’ve been seeing Kinsta mentioned quite often, via advertisements mainly. Has anyone tried it? Can anyone provide personal experience with this?

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I just hate when people try to create a product/service by using something which doesn’t exist. There is no such thing as WordPress hosting so please stop using “WordPress” with “Hosting”. WordPress can be hosted on any host so there is not special requirements at all.

Kinsta offers an interface to install & manage WordPress easily and they use Google Cloud. So effectively and technically they are not a web host as such.

Next comes the pricing. Their lowest tier is $35/month which is quite pricey given the fact that you can host only one WordPress blog.

Kinsta doesn’t offer cPanel as they have their own interface called MyKinsta.

They don’t offer email hosting.

There are many other things which doesn’t make kinsta a very attractive host. List is long so I will not bother going through all of those features.

If cPanel wasn’t the issue Digital Ocean Droplet would have been the best option available so far for the hosting. cPanel licence for a dedicated server costs $53.99 which is too much for just one WordPress blog with Digital Ocean.

So to sum up the best option for you will be to buy a dedicated server with centOS+WHM/cPanel and host thousands of WordPress blogs or websites, get millions of free emails and many other things. Dedicated hosting can be expensive but if you have multiple websites/blogs then dedicated server beat every other freaking hosting including Google Cloud, AWS and all others.

If you have only one blog to host and you don’t bother about cPanel and Email, and if you can afford $35/month then kinsta can be a good option.

I’ve never tried kinsta so can’t actually comment on how their services are. I always buy dedicated servers.


@vladimir If you can elaborate on how many blogs do you want to host and what kind of traffic you have then I can give my inputs.

Hello @technuisance I’ve only one blog which I want to host. I don’t want to host on shared hosting as they tend to be too slow. Any suggestions?

As @Guru has said, nothing beats dedicated server and he was spot on with his analysis. However you shouldn’t buy dedicated server for just one WordPress blog as it will be overkill and too expensive. You can give kisnta a try but there is another alternative and it is very promising which @Guru also mentioned. Digital Ocean droplet is an excellent option if you don’t want email hosting or cPanel. My personal recommendation will be to start with Digital Ocean droplet and keep going till it hits $35/month in which case you can switch to kinsta as it will become cheaper option for you.

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Looks like very interesting discussion. I’ve been seeing kinsta everywhere too. I guess they are good in marketing and they have written shitloads about almost every topic they could get hands on. I often stumble upon their articles searching for any technical issues related with hosting, DNS etc. The debate will never end with any conclusion. We all have different requirements so we choose what is best for us. @vladimir I would also suggest to go for what @technuisance has described. That seems to be the best option for you right now.

Go for Digital Ocean, choose most basic and lowest price tier. I’ve found it to be most cost effective, the only downside is that ftp is very slow.