How many Google accounts you can create with one mobile number?

Hello, I was wondering how many Google accounts you can create using one mobile number. Is there any official words from Google on this?


I don’t think there is any official words on this. I read somewhere that you can create 10 or something but that’s not true. I have managed to create two accounts with one mobile number.

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They limit creating personal accounts. So the trick is to choose the following option while creating Google account - For work or my business


There is no clear answer to this question. With trial and error I’ve found that if you have a legit business i.e. a company and you have used a mobile phone number to associated with this business then they do allow more than two accounts. I’ve managed to create four Google accounts from same mobile number which is associated with my Ltd company.

If you have a mobile number which was used to create a personal Google account and you try to use it to create another Google account then chances are that they will not allow.


Thanks @LordOfSEO I didn’t know that. Unfortunately I’ve selected “For my personal use” when I created my first account. Is it possible to convert the personal account to business account now?

Nicely summed up @LordOfSEO