How to build an affiliate website?

Hello, I recently stumble upon tapfiliate website. It is an affiliate website where we can launch affiliate program for our own websites and also join other affiliates. I want to build a similar website. Does anyone know how to build such website. I know it is a complex website so any pointers will help me.

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Affiliate websites used to such so much in the past. Some of the most popular affiliate websites still such as they have not been able to update their user interface to the 2022.

If you have just one website to promote then you should build affiliate system in the existing website itself. Use any tracking link and connect it to the user’s account and that’s it. I think you can use Firebase’s Dynamic link to build a tracking system.

For a full fledged website like tapfiliate you need to first figure out the tracking mechanism, rest is run of the mill work for any developer.

I did try to build an affiliate website but have to give up as it was proving to be too complex. I finally manage to settle with integrating affiliate tracking link in the website itself. It was super easy and it has been working flawlessly.