How to get new IP on Virgin Media broadband

Hi, I’ve virgin media broadband and I want to get a new IP. I restarted router from admin interface but it didn’t give me a new IP. How do I get a new IP for sure?


Virgin media broadband’s IP address is sticky. It doesn’t give a new IP when you reboot router. Rebooting router from admin interface will hardly every give you a new IP address. The sure way to get a new IP address is to switch off router overnight or switch it off for longer duration.

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Switch off router, disconnect cable and leave it overnight. No guarantee though but works for me.

Wait for them to carry out maintenance in your area or pray for an outage. Either of these will reset to give you a new IP address.

We are getting there :wink: try this

  1. Switch off router.
  2. Disconnects from mains, pull out router’s plug from mains socket.
  3. Disconnect all cables
  4. Leave it like this for 24 hours or more.

Reconnect everything and see if it gives you a new IP. If not then repeat above for even longer period.

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Extending @pete’s answer further. They have 7 days for the IP lease so I’m afraid you may have to keep it turned off for 7 days.

Well, just use a VPN and forget all the nonsense. I use NordVPN works well for short term solution.