How to publish duplicate apps to the Apple and Google App Stores?

I’ve a very successful iOS and Android app. I want to duplicate it or clone it with different name but more or less similar functionalities. I’m aware that Apple and Google don’t allow duplicate or cloned apps so I was wondering what steps I can take to duplicate/clone app on App Stores?

I’m just curious, If you already have successful app then why do you want to duplicate it?

This app is my bread and butter, if they ban my app for some reason then I’ll lose my livelihood so I wanted a security in form of another app to deal with the worst case scenario. If they ban this app then I’ll have another app and I’ll continue to have some money coming in.

ok fair point. If they ban one app then they may ban other app too or they may ban your account itself, have you thought about it?

Yes, I’ve thought about it but I don’t want to keep thinking of all possible negative scenarios. No need to keep going in that direction of what if…

Apple is very strict with duplicate apps and they may not allow it, they may mark it as spam. You may get away with it on Google by renaming and redesigning the app. In any case a duplicate app is not recommended in any case. It’s bad for everyone and you will achieve nothing. Maintaining two apps will be nightmare for you unless it’s just a simple app.

I’ve seen my competitors launching duplicate apps on Apple App Store and both are highly successful and popular apps with exact same features. Even both names are similar. Not only that, they have few more apps which they have disguised by launching it from other companies but pointing to same website/backend. There are few other companies doing the same. I doubt that Apple dig down much deeper to find out duplicate apps.

You already answer your question. Yes, you can duplicate apps by launching it from other companies as your competitor has done.

Hold your horses before being so confident on suggesting that. It may not work. you will be caught.

I’ve exact duplicate app from same account and from same company/account. I just changed the name of the app. Unfortunately this second duplicate app was flop.

I did try to launch one more duplicate app from different company but I was caught. Apple didn’t allow this 3rd app.

Google is not so strict. I’ve total three apps and all are same.

It’s up to them, they may allow duplicate app or just reject. It’s pure luck.

However there is a way of doing it with 100% success rate. In this way you can duplicate/clone as many app as you wish. I’ve tried it and it works. I’m not going to tell this secret in the public, if you want to know then DM me and I’ll explain.

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