Is Etsy going bankrupt?

I’ve no sales in last 1-2 weeks. Normally I get few sales every week. Is Etsy going bankrupt? Is there any other issues? What is going on?


Etsy is not going bankrupt yet, there is no such news of Etsy bankruptcy. I did read a news where Etsy’s payment to sellers were disrupted when SVB bank was busted recently. I did receive payment this week so I’m assuming that is resolved. Not sure why you are not getting sales. I hope you have optimized your shop?

Here is the link regarding disbursement issues, seems like this was an issue in USA only.

Etsy is not going bankrupt. They are just making small people like you and me bankrupt. Etsy doesn’t want small sellers to flourish. It favours big and already established sellers to dominate their marketplace. I’m assuming you are small timer on Etsy and they are simply pushing you to oblivion. That is the reason you are not getting any sales. You can check out the top sellers in your category and you will find that they will keep selling more and more while you struggle to sell any item.

You can read this article Etsy is trying to get bigger, and it’s pushing away small sellers - The Verge

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I sell services and I haven’t sold any item in like 1 month. I used to sell like 10-15 items per month. What is going on? I was searching on Google and found this forum post where others are also complaining the same Solved: Slow February 2023 - Welcome to the Etsy Community In this thread sellers are complaining low sales in Feb 23.

I think they have tweaked their search algorithm which may be causing your shop to not appear in the top of search result hence you are not getting any exposure.

I recently setup a shop on Etsy, listed around 10 items or so. It has been over a month now and not a single sell. Forget about sell, it is showing 0 views which is hilarious because I’ve listed the same items on eBay and all of them have very good views and a number of watchers. Does Etsy really work or it’s just hype and fake?