Is it worth to buy refurbished memory SD cards?

I want to buy 512GB microSD card for dashcam. They are a bit expensive. I’ve found some refurbished microsd cards at much lower price. I wanted to know if they are worth to buy? Any personal experience?

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SD and microSD memory cards often come with lifetime or very long warranty time. If they stop working then they are not worth touching again. You can’t actually refurbished these memory cards as there is nothing to refurbished. There is nothing to open and replace or do something in it. The term “refurbished” on sd cards doesn’t fit. All they do is to check the SD card, test it and stamp it as refurbished.

I wouldn’t touch refurbished sd cards as they are not worth. These cards are not that expensive so always buy new SD cards. I by my sd cards on Shop Moksha as they sell genuine products in sealed retailed packaging.

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Wow, I didn’t know that. I agree with you.