Is it worth to write posts on Medium and get backlinks from there?

I’m observing that a lot of medium articles are appearing on the top of search result. Has anyone tried to use medium to get backlinks for SEO and traffic?

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Remember Squidoo? It was similar to medium. I used Squiddo a lot to get backlinks and traffic and it used to work and then they closed it down. All such platforms are there to get your hard work, time and content only to close down leaving you at loss. Never ever use such platform for serious writing or giving them away your time, effort and free content. Why on the Earth we have to give them free content which they use to make money. This is the dumbest things people do to give their content away to such dumb companies.

Coming back to Medium, it’s in the same league as squidoo and other similar platform. Never ever publish serious content on such platforms. You can write some teasers and then link back to your blog/website.

You will not get any benefit as the backlinks from the content are nofollow. You may get some traffic though and that is all.

Sooner or later they will either make it fully premium or close it down or sell it to someone else.

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Traffic, yes. You can get some traffic depending on how much content you write there. The longer, the more authoritative content the higher it will appear on Google search result which in turn will get you some traffic to your website.

Backlinks/Ranking of your own website - no. All backlinks on medium are NF so you don’t get any benefit.