Is MOZ Worth it?

I wanted to check backlinks for my website and also compare it with competitor’s backlinks. I Wanted to subscribe to Moz tools. It is very expensive so before I buy I wanted to know if it is worth it? Please share your experience.


They never show their price anywhere unless you click on free trial. Why do they hide their price? I tell you why, it is simply too much. I use hundreds of tools, services, software etc and never even I’ve to pay even $99 month and that too even for a dedicated web server. In what universe you would have to pay $179 for a simple SEO tool? There are few free backlink checkers or free options which you can try. For your own backlinks use Google Search Console.

In my opinion it is not worth it. If it was something like $9.99 then I would think about it.

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It is funny that most of these so called SEO tools show spammy backlinks. If they are so smart then why don’t they filter out spammy links to keep it clean? Why would someone pay to see spam links in report?

Try ahrefs backlink checker, it can give you some free glimpse, most of these backlinks will be spam though.

Agree with @technuisance, it is simply too expensive. Most of the SEO tools are crazy expensive.