Is SEO Dead?

Is SEO still relevant in 2022? I see that most of the traffic are now coming from mobile apps and social media so is it worth investing time and money in SEO?


It is not completely dead but the rule of game has changed. Two decades ago I could get any website for any keyword in top 3. Now it is nearly impossible because all the big media (newspaper and publications) start to accept paid content and everyone in the SEO world is exploiting that opportunity. Google is not even taking any notice.

I’ve earned millions from my mobile apps but on the web app I don’t even get 1000 clicks a month. The reason why web app is performing so poor is the reason explained above. All the main keywords are highjacked by big publication houses.


Mind telling the name of your app which made you millions?

@Tom it is not entirely dead but it has evolved. Spammy and irrelevant websites still rank higher on Google search for some of the most high traffic keywords. We as individual don’t stand a chance trying to get on the top if big guys are highjacking the keywords.

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@Alex can’t tell you the name of my million dollar app, it’s secret.

Now a days for any search result Google throws up with ads on top and bottom. It’s so annoying. Most of the results are from news sites which are paid content publication. Google doesn’t follow its own rules and lets all these spam sites rank higher.

SEO is definitely NOT dead. In fact, it’s in super high demand right now!