PayPal - Case closed in buyer's favour

I sold services to someone and they initiated dispute. I’ve submitted all relevant document but case was decided in buyer’s favour. I’m so pissed. How am I suppose to do business using PayPal if they continue to refund to buyers even when they have received services. Lost $15 in dispute fee too. Can I do anything to recover this money?

Case Status:Closed

The case was closed in the buyer’s favour because the proof of delivery you provided was invalid.


No, you can’t do anything to recover money from lost case on PayPal. It is hit and miss with PayPal dispute, sometimes you can win sometimes you can lose. In my personal experience even if you provide the same set of proves, there is no guarantee which case you will win and which you don’t. Their case workers must be some call centre workers in some shithole country who have no idea what they are doing. PayPal’s customer support and call centres are the worst in all American companies. When it comes to chargebacks and refunds all of them suck.

You have to account for such losses in your business as it will continue to happen in the future and with any payment processor.

If the number of lost cases keep rising then dump PayPal and use some other Payment gateway.

Their reply is:

The case was closed in the buyer’s favour because the proof of delivery you provided was invalid.

I’ve submitted so many documents as proof so how can it be invalid? What do they mean by invalid?

It means that idiot who was looking at your documents didn’t have brain to understand anything.

You hardly ever win dispute on PayPal for services provided as it is open for interpretation and depends on the IQ level of the caseworker.

PayPal sucks big time. There is no better alternative so we are stuck with them. Suck it up and move on.

PayPal always favours buyers. As seller you count yourself lucky if you win the case. It’s not surprise why PayPal has been going down. give it another 5-10 years and it will be gone. Unfortunately other payment gateways are no better than PayPal. I also offer services where I get customers to sign the invoice where it is clearly mentioned that payment is non-refundable, I provide all proof of service provided but I still lose the case from time to time. I’m pretty sure that it all comes down to the support agent who looks into the case and makes up decision on his own. It is funny that I provide same services and submit same set of documents as proof in the case of dispute but the outcome can vary. It proves that PayPal are bunch of morons who don’t follow any rules.

Fuck PayPal, it will dies sooner than later.