Quiz App for sale, asking price $250k

7+ years old, top quiz app is for sale. Click on the above link for more details. Interested buyers can contact us from the above page. First come first get. We keep receiving enquires for this app so hurry up or else it will be gone.

The entire system is for sale which includes, native iOS app, native Android app, Web App, Backend, CMS, API and entire database.

It is a bargain at this price!!!


How much revenue it generates?

This app was launched with a different model however in due course of time it was changed and made a freemium app. Buyer can integrate ad channels to incentivise and monetize it.

Looks interesting, what is the web programming language it uses?

php based free open source framework, database is MySQL.

So if I understood correctly you have followings in the quiz app which you are selling

  • Native iOS app
  • Native Android App
  • Web App
  • CMS
  • Backend
  • API

Web app, CMS, API and backend, are all these separate or part of same CMS?

Web app, backend, API and CMS is all one monolithic system which. Every aspect of web and mobile apps can be controlled from the backend. Website content can be managed from the web admin which is again part of the same system, so is the API.

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Sweet. What are the requirements for web hosting?

AlmaLinux 9 with cPanel and Apache. This is all you need. You will also require some additional Apache/php modules to be installed, we will explain it all after sale.

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I’m interested, I’ve contacted you from Fliprly website, please revert back to me ASAP as I want to buy it now.

I’v read that you said it is freemium app, do you know what is the earning potential of this quiz app?