Which eCommerce marketplace is best to sell vintage comics

I’ve some old, rare and vintage comics. Which is the best eCommerce marketplace to sell them. I would like to hear the experience from someone who has sold vintage comics on eBay, Amazon, Etsy or any other platform. How is facebook group?


I can tell you for sure that Amazon is the worst place to sell vintage comics or matter of fact any product at all. Next comes Etsy, this marketplace is also no good for such products. I haven’t tried facebook groups so far. I’ve had good success on selling rare and vintage comics on eBay. I’ve sold few but competition is tough. If you are the only one selling that comic and it is popular then you can get good price.

On Amazon your listing will be hidden behind the first person’s listing so people will never find unless you are the only one selling that product. Ebay is still the best. You can post on social media too or set up your own Ecommerce store using any free shop script.

Etsy are notorious to shut down shops so all your efforts will go in vain if it happens. I’ve found that Ebay have improved a lot. 10 or so ears ago when I first tried selling my phone on auction it was disaster so I stopped using it for many years after that. I’ve again started using it and for past 2-3 years I’ve found it to be one of the best place. Customer support, even though outsourced to India, has been very helpful. I’ve sold few products not comics though. My listed products are not flying off the shelf but I do sell something every week.

Sold 5 vintage comics on eBay within 1 month of listing them. You can check out some of my vintage comics on ebay.

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Cool collection. I like it.