Which is the best gambling affiliate program?

I’ve some good sports betting and gambling related blogs, I want to monetize them. I’m looking for someone to suggest me best gambling affiliates.


The best gambling affiliate is the one which continues to pay you for life without doing much work.

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Sorry I didn’t understand. What do you mean by that? How can a gambling affiliate pay you for the life? Please explain.

Before I go in details I want to disclose that I do have few gambling affiliates which continue to pay me and will continue to do in the future for the rest of life. I stopped promoting them like a decade ago and they still continue to pay me every month. It is rare though and the way I’ve managed to keep this with me is a legend in itself. I wouldn’t be able to disclose the full details in the public forum.

There is no such thing as best gambling affiliate. All of them are thugs who will fuck you sooner or later. I’ve been burnt in the past so I’m speaking from my experience. However it is not all so bad. There are few gambling affiliates who can pay you for life if you can negotiate with them.

They way it works is via Revenue Share (RevShare) program which doesn’t impose any restrictions such as you have to continue sending certain number of new players each month. It will be rare to find any affiliate which doesn’t impose such restrictions or have some other conditions. On top of this almost all of the gambling affiliates will have terms and conditions which state that they can terminate your account without giving any notice or reason whatsoever. Once you agree to such term they can fuck you and take all your (future) earnings anytime. You can’t sue them in the court either as the agreement to their terms is a binding legal agreement and court will favour them. I did manage to sure one such crook affiliate in the court and won the case too but I didn’t get the rights to continue getting paid in the future.

You need to go through all gambling affiliates which you want to promote, check their terms and talk to them to get the lifetime RevShare deal which doesn’t impose any restrictions. They will only entertain when you have some solid content and traffic.

Don’t ever go for CPA deal as it is for suckers and gambling affiliates will encourage you to take this deal by offering good offers. It can be tempting to go for it but it is peanuts compared to RevShare in the long term.

Good luck!

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Wow, thanks for such detailed reply, so there is hope? I’ve been reading various forums for the best gambling affiliates and haven’t come across any decent affiliate program which I’m willing to promote. Do you mind telling any such affiliate’s name?

I’ve stopped promoting gambling affiliates at all so can’t tell which ones are doing good now a days. It also depends on the country where you get most of the traffic. Choices are limited now a days after online belling was banned in the US about decade ago. Your best chances are UK based gambling websites which allows players from the countries you are promoting. Promoting UK affiliates in the UK will be difficult as it is already overcrowded.

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That’s the ultimate dream of anyone, to earn money without doing anything for the rest of life. I’m afraid to tell you that such thing doesn’t exist. No one is going to pay you for the life without doing anything. Coming to gambling affiliates, they will have some form of terms which will cut you off for one reason or another.

Even world’s most reputable company Google and their affiliate program AdSense are notorious for closing accounts and stealing money so what can you say about other companies? Let me know if you have found something which you are looking for. I’ll be glad to tag along.

Just wanted to add that I’m from the US and most of my traffic is from the US so I’m only looking for US based affiliates.

Hey, I’m also interested in promoting gambling affiliates which pay me every month. Let me know which affiliate to promote.