Why are my listed books on Amazon not selling?

Hi All, I’m new to amazon seller. I’ve listed few books on Amazon. My prices are the lowest. My shop shows up on Add to Basket box. These books are very popular, I sell a lot on eBay on regular basis at same price. On Amazon i haven’t been able to sell even a single book, why? Any clue?

They are not selling for a reason. If they were selling then Amazon would fuck all sellers by selling it themselves and keep all the profit. I can’t comment on these books but my guess is that this book may be older publication (year) and a newer version of the book is available which Amazon is promoting? To check it go to amazon and search for book title under Books category. Check the 1st listing on search result, if the book is not the one you are selling then Amazon may not be promoting that book. Add your book for the top listed item and see what happens.

OMG! you are spot on. I don’t see that item as no. 1 on the search result. There is something weird going on. I can see slight difference in the ISBN. The no. 1 listed item has restriction. When I try to apply for the no. 1 listed item to sell it keep going in repeat for approval. It is not allowing me to add my book there. What to do now?

You can do nothing. Just go on various forums, reddit etc, social media and rant how Amazon sucks!