Why do we post on Instagram when it is not possible to add link in the post?

I know that Instagram is so popular and you get a lot of exposure there. Brands are crazy to tie up with Instagram influencers but I’ve been always wondering why do we have to post there when it is not possible to add link in the post. You don’t get any traffic to your website, so what is the purpose? Why to waste valuable time and effort posting on Instagram?


Good question. You should ask those brands who spend millions on promoting on Instagram, they must be getting something in return or else they wouldn’t post there. Instagram is not for getting traffic to your site, it is for marketing and promotion or shall we say Brand recognition.

It is hilarious to see that people and many big brands post news item when we can’t click on them to read the news. Instagram is overrated. It has become a adult site where OF sluts promote their content.

Lol! they are everywhere. They have taken over the Internet.

They are not sluts, they are called “Digital Content Creator” :wink: