Your Amazon Business account has been closed

Hi Everyone,
I recently tried to open a new business account, uploaded all the required document. Within 1 day of opening account on Amazon, I received following email. I don’t have any other business account with the with this business, I’ve other business account but that is a different business. I also have a personal account with Amazon. I was wondering why they didn’t allow another business account? Can it be appealed?

Subject: Your Amazon Business account has been closed
Date: <…> BST
To: myemail


We have closed your Amazon. co. uk business account and cancelled all open orders. Any new accounts you open will be closed.

We took these actions because our records indicate that this account is related to another account that was closed by Amazon.

Due to the proprietary nature of our business, we are unable to discuss other accounts with you.


Account Specialist
Amazon. co. uk
https:// www. amazon. co. uk


It’s a cock-up for sure. No, appealing will not help. Amazon are notorious for replying to such queries with automated answers. What did you want to do with this new Amazon business account? Did you want to use it to make purchases or to sell?

You may have created another account or were in the process of creating another account or the other account may be on hold for some reason. You should check your emails or login using the email again and see what it says. I was in a similar situation and it turned out that I had opened another account with the same email but it was on hold.

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Wow, yes you were spot on. I did see that there was an account pending verification earlier with same email. I’ve started verifying this account now, let’s see how it goes. Thanks for replying.